Carinthia comprises an area of three valleys - Meža, Drava and Mislinja and three mountains - Pohorje Karavanke and Savinja Alps, giving the province seal idiosyncratic originality and consistency. With just over a thousand km2 and a few of the seventy-four thousand inhabitants of the province belongs to a smaller Slovenian regions. It is also one of the oldest Slovenian industrial regions. In previous centuries, there developed mining, apparently there was mining already in Roman times, after mining developed iron and wood industries too. Today we try to give the results of miners(knap), farmers(pavrov), charcoal, boat drivers(flosarjev), carpenters and blacksmiths the most genuine and live presentation of our heritage.

Unspoiled nature and mountain forests with a diverse network of mountain roads and tracks provide multiple opportunities for high research trips to tops of Raduha, Peca, the wide vastness of Uršlja, Olševa, Smrekovškega gorovja, western Pohorje or Kozjak and on the slopes of the picturesque Alpine valleys. There are also stations on these routes, where each traveler will be taken a happy hosting by proud successors of samorastnikov (natives).

Carinthia charms we must look to small valuables that have been formulated with the help of nature and man. Created by collectively or separately. It is many of them, but they are branched in hidden corners of the settlements and the surrounding mountain valleys, which rise under the mighty peaks.

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