IR Sauna

Modern achievement of the heating effect, as infra-ray operating depth up to 4 cm, while achieving faster and more intense sweating at a lower temperature than other saunas - 50 ° C.

Weight Loss
Within 40 minutes infrared sauna human body lose from 900 to 2400 calories. By comparison 75 kg heavy man within 30 minutes of exercise:

  • rowing 800 calories
  • cycling 300 calories
  • swimming 400 calories
  • golfing 200 calories
  • running 400 calories
  • walking 200 calories
  • tennis 330 calories
  • squash 680 calories
  • lumberjack 330 calories
  • marathon 790 calories

Institutes for waight loss, resulting from the fact that in our body dat accumulate toxic substances. Infrared sauna eliminate toxins and fat from body.



IR Sauna improving blood circulation, which is a first condition for a beautiful, youthful and soft skin. The skin is deep cleaned and this is helpful in treating acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and other skin injuries. Wounds heal faster and better, coarse skin faster fecal, increases the elasticity of the skin.

Skin scars
By using infrared saunas are scars deplete and become more smooth, burns and to heal the scars less visible.

Cellulitis means that accumulates jelly-like mixture of fat, water and waste materials that are deposited under the skin. Infrared sauna promotes the secretion of these substances with increased sweating. Beauty experts confirm that the sauna is to promote all anti-cellulite programs. The deep heat and a higher level of IR sauna is warming more effective than other saunas.

Pain relief
IR sauna is effective in arthritis, headaches, back pain, muscle spasms, etc..

IR radiation helps for wines, overbalances, arthritis, muscle pains, etc.. Particularly good for people involved in sport. Contributes to faster regeneration of muscles for effort.

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